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  • +919742295166
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  • 3/1,3/2, 3/3, Roshan Bagh Rd, Parvathipuram Bangalore :560004

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PET Bottle Crushers

Model Built on insight:

Creating an organized platform for waste producer and recycler, Providing every Indian/corporate an opportunity to contribute to the Plastic free Clean India we do this by offering recycling options at point of consumption with in arms reach

Established 360 degree cycle 100% Recycle pet bottle waste with help of our associates…
1.Convert pet flakes into Resin which is used to make
   ii.Dustbin Identified vendor
   iii.Toilet cabin
2.Pet is also recycled to Apparels, Caps and Bags

Annual Impact Of One Machine:
  • 8,64,000 pet bottle can be crushed annually
  • 85 % Volume reduction
  • 17.2 tones of waste gets recycled per year
  • 1,000 liters of crude oil saved per year on recycling of pet waste alone
  • 10 times reduction in transportation hence saving in fuel Carbondioxides emissions
  • 13 cubic yard of landfill freed per year
  • 43.2 metric tons of Carbon dioxides emissions reduced
  • 65 KL 85 KL of water saving
  • Corporate can complete their ISO certification , Audit for waste
Smart Bin for Smart People of Smart City

ATechTron introduces Smart Bin to support collection, Segregation and disposal of dry waste in smart way.

  • Automatic controlled mouth with 3 options: Bottles, cans and flexibles
  • Unique Digital reward mechanism on the mobile based on waste deposited
  • Touch Screen for instruction and selection of waste type
  • IOT based connect with each machine to track usage with login password
  • Bin full sensor on machine and centrally to ensure timely clearance